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Our campaign will be governed by close consultation with Mediha herself and other members of the Yazidi community, as well as expert partners — such as Human Rights Watch, Lotus Flower and The Nemam Ghafouri Memorial Fund. By building a strategic communications campaign around the film, we aim to: 

Highlight the continued plight of the Yazidis
Creating impact starts with creating awareness. We hope this film serves as a catalyst for awareness of the continued plight of the Yazidis. But we won’t stop there — awareness is only the first step, one that leads to more opportunities for dialogue and social activism. We have assembled a team of local and international experts, and partnered with local organizations who have helped make this impact campaign a true extension of the work and activism Mediha exhibited in this film.


Fostering advocacy
Mediha is now 19 years old. She’s brave and determined beyond her years and has become an advocate for her community. She has the potential to help other Yazidi women and girls in very similar circumstances, and we believe that she, a Yazidi survivor herself, is the best person to do this. 

It’s through Mediha’s participation in the film that her desire to become an advocate grew into something tangible. She saw through increased awareness how her life, and lives of women and girls in her community, could change for the better. As a result of participating in this project, Mediha has engaged in several advocacy training programs and spoken at forums like Human Trafficking Foundation, Peace and Freedom Organization, Nineveh Victims Forum. She will be speaking again in February 2024 at Yazidi Law Conference in Amsterdam. Through Mediha, we have been able to connect with and support rescue organizations like Joint Help for Kurdistan, who is also featured in the film.

Our initial goal with this impact campaign is to raise funds that will allow Mediha to travel to the cities where the film is being shown in order to participate in Q&A’s, panel discussions, seminars, and to attend important meetings with policy makers, activists, and humanitarian aid organizations working towards justice for the Yazidi community. 

During the initial phase of our impact campaign we are also seeking to build more relationships with partner organizations doing important work on the ground so that we can highlight and support their efforts through our campaign. 

Provide encouragement and support to other women and girls in Mediha’s community. 

We believe Mediha’s inspiring desire to speak out for her community and on her own behalf can allow other Yazidi women and girls who have suffered similarly to feel seen, to become more aware of the resources available to them for support, and to find their own path in dealing with their trauma. We have built relationships with NGOs who have been instrumental in supporting Mediha and in telling her story. We will rely on these relationships so the positive results of Mediha’s work can be shared with her community and help more women. 



Supporting Mediha’s quest for justice
Furthermore, through this impact campaign we aim to support Mediha’s ongoing quest for justice. Mediha represents the thousands of women and girls—those who survived as well as those who didn’t—who suffered unspeakable crimes at the hands of ISIS. Now, at the age of eighteen, Mediha is facing her trauma head-on as she spearheads one of only a handful of investigations against ISIS members. To date, there have been few incidents where ISIS members have been successfully charged with the crimes they have committed, but with Mediha determined to get justice, this might all change.

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